I am exceptionally well-placed to provide environmental consulting as I have a strong research background that has included a wide array of organisms, across many areas of interest, and has resulted in preparation of a large number of associated documents.

My research has so far included plants, birds, bees, frogs, mammals, lizards and fish. Areas of interest have included aspects of biology, ecology, behaviour and evolution, such as pollination ecology, population biology of frogs, environmental bio-indicators, impacts of introduced species, and climate change, and I have an excellent knowledge and understanding of environmental legislation.

Inspecting frog ponds on Kooragang Island (Australia).

Researching impacts of Sydney 2000 Olympics development on the Green & Golden Bell Frog

I have published over 120 scientific articles and reports, prepared environmental impact statements and contributed to others, prepared plans of management for endangered species and frequently provided reviews of available information.

Potential areas include:

  • Conservation & management of plant & animal species
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Biological surveys, especially for birds, bees and frogs

Research - Development & Implementation:

Presentation to NSW Planning & Assessment Commission

I am similarly able to provide assistance regarding the development and implementation of research programs. I have designed a variety of research programs, successfully sought funding for them, and managed their implementation.

I have a strong background in data analysis and interpretation, having been trained in mathematics and statistics, and having carried out analysis and interpretation of available data throughout my research career. I am excellent at reviewing available information and thereby pointing to the future. I have held a range of professional positions, included in relation to research and its management.

Potential areas include:

  • Design & management of research programs
  • Data analysis & interpretation